oh hey I'm Sara

wow puppies and feminism are great


WOW OKAY NEWS FLASH THE NEW MASS COMM COUNSELOR MR. FUCKING VALENTINE IS A FUCKING BITCH WOW I TRIED TO SCHEDULE AN APPOINTMENT WITH HIM TO FIX MY SCHEDULE AND SHIT AND FIX MY ADDRESS AND HE WAS LIKE NO UR SCHEDULE CANT BE CHANGED EVER AND HE WAS REALLY FUCKING RUde LIKE WOW FUCK YOU U SUCK. and he also said that they aren’t having an international affairs class when I asked ms obrien and she said yes and I already saw the class on someone else’s schedule forreal if they aren’t having a class it wouldn’t be on someone’s schedule wow how fucking stupid. And a teacher even told me that if I’m unhappy with it that I should immediately set up an appointment w/ my counselor cause once school starts there’s no goin back. I’m really upset possibly crying because he was rude like wow way to make a good first impression bro.

My mom just made me call the school counseling office and I want to puke I am a child why do I have to call ppl?!!?!????!??!! So so so so stupid ewwwwwww


people who randomly decide to compliment you are so important

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I always get offended when people go around me on the highway I’m sorry are we not going fast enough for you. Are you in a hurry. We’re all going to die anyway

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Confused little baby

This is how life makes me feel sometimes. Life is the whistle and I am the dog.

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ppl my age have children what the hell i am a children

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